Expert information duty

The automotive expert information duty is a project initiated by the FIEA to involve the profession in an active mission of road safety.

When working on a vehicle, an expert notices (visually and without dismantle) defects likely to cause future accidents, it is desirable that he raises driver’s awareness by informing him. This information initiative the FIEA aims to develop already exists in various forms in FIEA member countries (through laws or professional recommendations promoted by associations and more or less implemented by local experts). This information necessity is also justified by the fact that some professionals, in particular those providing advices or making diagnosis (as automotive experts) are more and more held liable for an absence or default in advice.

Consequently FIEA Board of trustees, through this information duty would like to suggest a “preventive” framework of responsibility which would also help to avoid accidents, as informed drivers would have repaired defects noticed.

Two documents are suggested to member experts (available on each countrie’s page) :

  • An information letter available in many languages
  • A personal working guide available for FIEA member expert, as an assistance tool for information to be delivered to drivers.