The compulsory insurance in Italy dates back to 1969. Local organizations of experts already existed before this year in Italy. In 1969, he joined and was founded AICIS. Then the association had important relationships with the judiciary, and was in 1972 at a Aicis conference that,for fist time, there was talk of biological damage,

in collaboration with the technical review of the field on which also wrote Giovanni Leone, until shortly before becoming President of the Republic in 1971. Until 1992, the profession could be exercised by anyone, without any title. Aicis since 1969 has carried out technical meetings and included an examination for registration.

In 1992 was passed the law 166/92 Role of National Insurance Surveyors.

Since then, practice is necessary to pass an exam (first a written test and an oral test, now two written tests). By 1992 it is no longer mandatory examination for enrolment in AICIS but need a copy of the entry in the Role of National Insurance Surveyors.

Since 2008, in order to make the examination for enrolment in the role you before must have done years of training signed from an expert writing in Role of National Insurance Surveyors. Examination of suitability place in ISVAP, the supervisor authority of insurance, but the examination board have not surveyors; write in Role of National Insurance Surveyors, in the examination board

To register for the role has always been necessary a degree of upper secondary school’ degree (5 years upper secondary school = total 13 year education).

Examination subjects: physics, quantity surveying, engineering, surveying, insurance law, civil law, criminal law, photography, reparative methods, topography, electrical and electronic systems, equipment, bodywork, welding, paint characteristics, features and reparability metals, alloys and composite materials, maritime law, nomenclature cars, motorcycles, trucks, special vehicles, boats, and other minors.

AICIS organizes training courses to a professorship and in-depth courses on specific subjects.

There is no quality system mandatory in Italy at now.

The law makes only a general reference to the obligation to update, without providing obligations or sanctions

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